Local Repairs Impacting The Work Of BRADFORD Marine

The yacht repair facility on BRADFORD Marine located on Grand Bahama is receiving a huge amount of local commercial work in the slow yacht repair season.

General Manager of Bradford’s shipyard in Freeport, Dan Romence, reported that in the year 2015 and 2016, the business of the company was good and it was relatively a “good years” for the company. The reason for the same was the repair company was able to get a lot of work from multiple markets.

The primary markets of the shipyard are recreation cruisers and mega yacht, but at the present time they also involve in the maintenance and repairs for mail boats, freighters, and ferry companies as well as the commercial vessels and the storage services.

The headquarter of Bradford Marine is in Fort Lauderdale and it is the one of the largest yacht repair, service and refit shipyards in the world. The company has 65 full-time employees in Freeport at its shipyard. Read more “Local Repairs Impacting The Work Of BRADFORD Marine”

Star Worlds Championship Tournament

Denmark has started the Star Worlds Championship tournament in 2017 which has about 70 boats participating in this event which is the 94th edition. It is a prestigious trophy event that has fleet representing a total of sixteen countries.

The Lunke Bay, where the fleet racers gathered on July 1st were gold and silver star sailors which also included world champion sailors, winners of European campaigns and others. This racing event continues from 2nd to 8th of July according to Plainsailing. Read more “Star Worlds Championship Tournament”