Extreme Sailing Now Turn To Mexico

In a span of week time the Los Cabos will host the season finale of the 2017 Extreme Sailing Series (ESS), and this will conclude the thrilling season of high-performance catamaran racing.

The final Act will be presented by SAP and it will see eight teams from eight different nations and this will include a Mexican-flagged wildcard will go head-to-head from November 30 to December3. But, with the overall victory in the season at stake and the Act that worth double points; the crew is under more pressure than ever.

The Front-runner SAP Extreme Sailing Team so far had an outstanding season they have shown no signs of slowing down, however, victory for the Danish squad is still not guaranteed as this is the critical stage.

“On the Extreme Sailing Series, this is my first season and it is great for me that have been the part of such a fantastic team and also leading the Series holding the position with good points,” said Adam Minoprio, the Kiwi helm.

“We have been up opposite to some very tough and strong teams and having few points up our sleeve going into the last event is great, but to win the series we have to cover a long way. At this stage we are not allowed to make any mistake and do everything perfectly in Los Cabos. Now, we are at the stage where one gear failure or one slip-up could mean the one point that could cost us the whole Series.

“To stay concentrated and focused, it will be hard work for the teams. We are doing the hard work with all the fun to be had in Los Cabos with the sports surfing, fishing and beach culture. We all are determined to win this series coming so close,” added Minoprio.

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